Saturday, December 29, 2007

On the recent changes to the Papal Liturgy

Shouts in the Piazza has a great post about the recent changes in Papal Liturgies, most notably the older vestments and furniture that are being used around the Vatican nowadays. This paragraph kind of stands out:

Second, it looks as though the Pope and those who advise him have gotten tired of listening to ageing hippies tell everyone the lies that, "Vatican II did away with all that". The Council concerned itself with ecumenism, religious liberty and updating the methodology of the Church in its relationship to the world. There was no time (or desire) for the Council Fathers to ban Latin, do away with chant, discontinue the biretta, redesign the cut of chasubles, rise up against Communion rails, mandate the use of guitars, instruct on the importance of Communion-in-the-hand and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, advocate for Communion under both species, ban lace, etc., etc., etc. As I always say, in between the votes on the Dogmatic Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy and the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World there was no all-important "vote on banning hats"! So using furnishings and vestments that belonged to Pope Leo XIII or Blessed John XXIII is not "going backwards".

You can see the complete post here.


Bro.DM said...

What part of SW VA are you from? I'm from Norfolk and am currently a Mercedarian seminarian studying @ St. Charles Borromeo Seminary.... GREAT BLOG!!!

God Bless,
Bro. David

ACEGC said...

I'm in Wythe County, not 100 yards from I-81. I'm studying at Belmont Abbey, and will probably end up going to seminary for the Diocese of Charlotte.

As for my blog, it's not quite there yet. I wish I had more time to post my own stuff (rather than stuff I've previously written or gleaned from others' work).

If you'd care to stay in touch, you may email me at

aaronccatron (at) abbey (dot) bac (dot) edu

Thanks for your comment and God bless you in your studies.

Suaso said...

I think one blog (Shrine of the Holy Whapping I believe) said it rather well: "The Papacy is begining to look like it does in the movies!" or something of similar wording.

Glad to see you're still updating this thing!